Holiday Dinner Was Almost a Disaster

There is nothing like planning a holiday dinner for ten of your family members only to discover that the stove is broken. That’s why I was in a rush online to find a major appliance repair in Sacramento, and I needed one five minutes ago. People were set to show up in an hour and I had a stove that was dead. I had my husband check the obvious things like the breaker box and checking to see if the stove came unplugged. Nothing wrong there. In a panic I had images of having to take all ten people to a local Chinese restaurant like in that holiday movie.

Then there was the issue of thinking it’s the holidays there is no way on earth someone will come out here to fix the stove, and even if they did it would cost a bundle just to have them step in the front door. Continue reading

The Top Three Skills That Make For A Good Court Reporter

Court reporting is a job that requires certain skills. It is more than just taking notes and transcribing them into a report. Court reporters must have excellent listening and stenography skills, but also be experts in grammar and punctuation, and be detail-oriented and accurate. It is also helpful if court reporters understand legal terminology and can follow legal and courtroom protocol. Since they are always very visible, they must be professional at all times.

While the best court reporters possess all of the skills mentioned above, the three skills that make for a good court reporter are primarily their knowledge of stenography, their ability to listen closely, and their attention to detail. Grammar and punctuation skills are also important, but these can be learned or another person used to edit the transcripts.

The single most important thing a court reporter does is to ensure they are producing an accurate transcript of any proceedings. This is paramount since the transcripts they use often provided as testimony or become part of the court record. This means the court reporter must be very accurate as they use the stenography machine to record what is being said in court. They must carefully listen to all speakers, so they know they have to record correctly.

As a court reporter gains more experience, they will begin automatically inserting proper punctuation and using correct grammar, even if the speaker does not. This becomes an important skill that all court reporters need to develop. The court reporter will edit and proofread their transcripts, so it is important that they have these skills.

The court reporter strives to take down a record of everything said in court or a deposition. They may also be used to record other types of meetings, and it is important that they be comfortable in a variety of settings.

Court reporters must always appear professional and be diligent about their work. New court reporters will probably not be as accurate as those who have been doing the job for a while, but it is still important that they do their best to be accurate and include all details in their transcripts.

Court reporters must be able to tune out everything around them and focus on recording what is being said. This helps ensure they are accurately reporting the proceedings and are not distracted by something happening in the room.

Three skills that make for a good court reporter are attention to detail, good stenography ability and being able to closely listen and accurately record what is said. Court reporters who possess these three skills will be able to produce detailed, accurate transcripts.

Best Pricing for Beautiful Shutters

I am watching this basketball game right now, and I am kind of annoyed by all of the kids in the house, as they should be asleep, but they are still up and also making a lot of noise at that. I wish I had my own man cave to sleep in and watch television in. I don’t think that will happen soon though, and so i have been reading about orange county shutters because that is one of the things that we are going to want to have put on the house soon.

My wife and I have decided that our house has been the same for far too long. Continue reading

An Alarm System Keeps Our Winter Home Safe

My wife and I have always been lovers of the outdoors. We lived in Florida for many years, and we spent most of our time at the beach. While we both love the ocean, my true love has always been the mountains and snow. Last month, my wife surprised me and said that she has felt fortunate that I let her live by the water so long, but now she wanted me to have my dream. She said we should buy a little cabin in Colorado and that we could get ADT Security in Colorado installed in the cabin to keep it safe while we spend the rest of the year in our home state. I told her I would give it some thought, and we could make a decision in a couple of weeks. She thought that was a good plan.

First, I wanted to go over our budget and make sure that we could afford having two homes. I did some digging around on several real estate websites in Telluride to learn about the home prices there. It was much cheaper than I thought it would be. Next, I called a couple of agents to find out to learn more. Continue reading

Getting Peace of Mind Does Not Cost an Arm or a Leg

I just got a divorce last year. I always thought that when I got married that it would be forever. Unfortunately, my ex-husband had other ideas about what marriage really meant. Living on my own has made me a bit nervous because of the crime in our neighborhood. I decided to find out whether I could get ADT in San Francsico after a friend told me that is the security service she uses.

We have had a lot of break-ins in my neighborhood over the past five years. When I was married, it was a really nice thing to feel secure having a husband around. Not only was he an extra pair of eyes in order to keep an extra eye out on what was going on around us, he was comfortable using a baseball bat.

But recently, the people in the home next door to use had their home broken into. They lost a lot of items that are important to them, which is a shame. There are some things that insurance just cannot cover monetarily if they are stolen. I began thinking of all the cherished family mementos I have. I would feel horrible if something were to happen to all the paintings my mom painted before she passed away or the family bible that has been passed through our family for three generations.

When I spoke to ADT, they were really helpful in answering all my questions. I was not sure how much service would be, but I was really happy to find out just how affordable it is. In fact, it costs less than my monthly phone bill every month. It is interesting to know that something as important as peace of mind costs less than phone service or many of the other types of entertainment that I pay for each month.

Working on My Newest Project

This is a duplex, it is on a quiet little street just off of Walker Avenue and not far from the place I just finished over there. It is probably about three quarters of a mile. The place was cheap, apparently it had been embroiled in a big dust up between the heirs. A lot of times these people fight over stuff so long and hard that it just turns to nothing right before their eyes. I met one of them at a Los Angeles shutters place, while I was working on the previous project. Continue reading

Working on the House I Bought

I only bought this house because of the convenience and the price. It is three doors down from my place and it is big enough for my family to grow a bit more in. The reason I could afford is that no one had taken care of it for a couple of years. In fact some guy had gone up there in the middle of the night and stolen the plantation shutters off the sides of the houses. No one probably noticed it for a good while as the house sits back off the road and you can not see the sides of it unless you walk around and stand right there. It seems like an odd thing to do, but I guess that they needed four sets of shutters just like those for their own project. Continue reading

How Much Should You Pay for a Cordless Impact Wrench?

If you are thinking of buying a cordless impact wrench, it is important that you determine ahead how much you will end up spending for this tool. Just like with some of the most powerful tools in the market today, the impact wrenches come in several different models and varieties and it is sometimes difficult to determine how much you could end up paying for this tool. So here’s your guide on how much you should expect to pay for this device.

Highest Level of Voltage

The level of voltage is one of the factors that could affect the price of the impact wrench and the highest voltage you can find is at 36V. This level of voltage is very powerful and is perfect for those who need a wrench that they can use on high powered machines as well as on construction sites. This model could cost you around $250 to as much as $1,000. But remember that a 36V might be too much for a beginner, so if you are new to using this kind of tool, it is better to go for those with lower voltages.

12V is Ideal for Home Use

If you need a wrench that you can use for your household, a 12V impact wrench might be all you need. But just to be clear, the 12V cordless version might be the lowest voltage but this does not mean that this device is weak. It can still do all the tasks that are expected from any typical impact wrench. For this model of cordless impact wrench, you can expect to pay around $60 to as much as $800.

Other Factors

Aside from the level of voltage, there are several other factors that could affect the overall price of an impact wrench. The brand of the tool could greatly affect the price, as well as the added features that the wrench comes with. Of course, the more popular the brand, the more expensive the device is. If you are of limited budget, you do not really need to invest on those fancy impact wrenches that come with high tech features.

Looking for a cordless impact wrench that is within your budget would require that you do a bit of research online. Sites like are very helpful in a search for the perfect cordless impact wrench. Do not just focus on one store because the prices would greatly vary even if they are of the same voltage, brand, etc. Check out each and every online store that sells impact wrenches and compare the prices from one store to another.

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