I just got a divorce last year. I always thought that when I got married that it would be forever. Unfortunately, my ex-husband had other ideas about what marriage really meant. Living on my own has made me a bit nervous because of the crime in our neighborhood. I decided to find out whether I could get ADT in San Francsico after a friend told me that is the security service she uses.

We have had a lot of break-ins in my neighborhood over the past five years. When I was married, it was a really nice thing to feel secure having a husband around. Not only was he an extra pair of eyes in order to keep an extra eye out on what was going on around us, he was comfortable using a baseball bat.

But recently, the people in the home next door to use had their home broken into. They lost a lot of items that are important to them, which is a shame. There are some things that insurance just cannot cover monetarily if they are stolen. I began thinking of all the cherished family mementos I have. I would feel horrible if something were to happen to all the paintings my mom painted before she passed away or the family bible that has been passed through our family for three generations.

When I spoke to ADT, they were really helpful in answering all my questions. I was not sure how much service would be, but I was really happy to find out just how affordable it is. In fact, it costs less than my monthly phone bill every month. It is interesting to know that something as important as peace of mind costs less than phone service or many of the other types of entertainment that I pay for each month.