There is nothing like planning a holiday dinner for ten of your family members only to discover that the stove is broken. That’s why I was in a rush online to find a major appliance repair in Sacramento, and I needed one five minutes ago. People were set to show up in an hour and I had a stove that was dead. I had my husband check the obvious things like the breaker box and checking to see if the stove came unplugged. Nothing wrong there. In a panic I had images of having to take all ten people to a local Chinese restaurant like in that holiday movie.

Then there was the issue of thinking it’s the holidays there is no way on earth someone will come out here to fix the stove, and even if they did it would cost a bundle just to have them step in the front door. Fortunately I found a well respected local firm with a long track record of tackling big major appliance repair problems. I crossed my fingers and gave them a call and someone called me back very quickly. I quickly explained my issue and got a laugh and respectful sympathy from the person on the other end of the line.

The tech guy showed up faster than I thought he would, just as my guests started to arrive. I think he felt a bit strange working on the stove with a bunch of people standing around watching him, but he moved forward and quickly diagnosed the problem. It was fortunate for us that he had the part in his truck and within minutes the stove lit up and was ready for service. I can’t express how grateful I am for their quick service and reasonable billing for such a holiday inconvenience. I won’t go anywhere else in the future.