If you are thinking of buying a cordless impact wrench, it is important that you determine ahead how much you will end up spending for this tool. Just like with some of the most powerful tools in the market today, the impact wrenches come in several different models and varieties and it is sometimes difficult to determine how much you could end up paying for this tool. So here’s your guide on how much you should expect to pay for this device.

Highest Level of Voltage

The level of voltage is one of the factors that could affect the price of the impact wrench and the highest voltage you can find is at 36V. This level of voltage is very powerful and is perfect for those who need a wrench that they can use on high powered machines as well as on construction sites. This model could cost you around $250 to as much as $1,000. But remember that a 36V might be too much for a beginner, so if you are new to using this kind of tool, it is better to go for those with lower voltages.

12V is Ideal for Home Use

If you need a wrench that you can use for your household, a 12V impact wrench might be all you need. But just to be clear, the 12V cordless version might be the lowest voltage but this does not mean that this device is weak. It can still do all the tasks that are expected from any typical impact wrench. For this model of cordless impact wrench, you can expect to pay around $60 to as much as $800.

Other Factors

Aside from the level of voltage, there are several other factors that could affect the overall price of an impact wrench. The brand of the tool could greatly affect the price, as well as the added features that the wrench comes with. Of course, the more popular the brand, the more expensive the device is. If you are of limited budget, you do not really need to invest on those fancy impact wrenches that come with high tech features.

Looking for a cordless impact wrench that is within your budget would require that you do a bit of research online. Sites like http://www.impactwrench.co are very helpful in a search for the perfect cordless impact wrench. Do not just focus on one store because the prices would greatly vary even if they are of the same voltage, brand, etc. Check out each and every online store that sells impact wrenches and compare the prices from one store to another.