Smoke damage is an unsightly and frustrating problem which occurs after there is a fire in the home.  The characteristics of smoke damage are a blistered look on the walls and/or a smoky odor throughout the house.  Although homeowners can do a DIY job to clean up smoke damage, it is better to hire a professional.  Professionals have the training, experience and tools to do a good job the first time around.

What Happens When Smoke Gets Into the Drywall?

During a fire, the drywall often absorbs smoke.  This causes a smoky odor to linger in the air long after the fire has been extinguished.  To remove the odor, the drywall will need to be destroyed and replaced.

Unless a homeowner has significant home building and smoke damage restoration experience, this job is best left to the fire, water, smoke, and mold damage professionals.  Once the drywall is down, the workers will check to see if the insulation also needs to be replaced.  If the smoke has damaged ceiling tiles, rafters and beams, they too may need to be replaced.

If the walls are painted with a semi-gloss or high-gloss paint, the soot will be easy to remove.  Soot on a wall with flat paint will be much more difficult to get rid of.

If homeowners want to remove soot themselves, they can get a cleaning agent from a home renovation store.  Once they have this, they can scrub the soot from the walls.  It is important to wear protective gear.  Those who hire fire damage restoration experts will not have to worry about this as this job is part of the service.

Bubbles and blisters in paint are caused by extreme heat.  Fire damage restoration companies remove these by scraping off bubbles and blisters with suitable tools.

Once this has been done, the wall will need to be sanded down.  Spackle will then be used to fill in dents and holes.  After the area has dried, the spackled area will be sanded down and painted.

The odor that accompanies smoke damage can be remedied with fresh air.  The windows need to be left open whenever it is possible.

If the furniture has smoke odor, it can be cleaned with baking soda and water.  If the covers are removable, they can be washed with hot water and baking soda.

When it comes to hiring a fire restoration service, speediness is key.  The service should be able to arrive on the same day if not within a few hours.  Being exposed to smoke can be dangerous to the health.  Getting the house clean is essential to getting back to normal and staying healthy.

The best cleanup specialists will be qualified, trained and experienced.  They will hire staff who are competent and efficient.  Not to mention, safe.  Safety is a concern as workers need to be able to do their job without compromising their own health or that of their clients.  Reading online reviews is a good way to find out if a specialist is good at their job.