Court reporting is a job that requires certain skills. It is more than just taking notes and transcribing them into a report. Court reporters must have excellent listening and stenography skills, but also be experts in grammar and punctuation, and be detail-oriented and accurate. It is also helpful if court reporters understand legal terminology and can follow legal and courtroom protocol. Since they are always very visible, they must be professional at all times.

While the best court reporters possess all of the skills mentioned above, the three skills that make for a good court reporter are primarily their knowledge of stenography, their ability to listen closely, and their attention to detail. Grammar and punctuation skills are also important, but these can be learned or another person used to edit the transcripts.

The single most important thing a court reporter does is to ensure they are producing an accurate transcript of any proceedings. This is paramount since the transcripts they use often provided as testimony or become part of the court record. This means the court reporter must be very accurate as they use the stenography machine to record what is being said in court. They must carefully listen to all speakers, so they know they have to record correctly.

As a court reporter gains more experience, they will begin automatically inserting proper punctuation and using correct grammar, even if the speaker does not. This becomes an important skill that all court reporters need to develop. The court reporter will edit and proofread their transcripts, so it is important that they have these skills.

The court reporter strives to take down a record of everything said in court or a deposition. They may also be used to record other types of meetings, and it is important that they be comfortable in a variety of settings.

Court reporters must always appear professional and be diligent about their work. New court reporters will probably not be as accurate as those who have been doing the job for a while, but it is still important that they do their best to be accurate and include all details in their transcripts.

Court reporters must be able to tune out everything around them and focus on recording what is being said. This helps ensure they are accurately reporting the proceedings and are not distracted by something happening in the room.

Three skills that make for a good court reporter are attention to detail, good stenography ability and being able to closely listen and accurately record what is said. Court reporters who possess these three skills will be able to produce detailed, accurate transcripts.