This is a duplex, it is on a quiet little street just off of Walker Avenue and not far from the place I just finished over there. It is probably about three quarters of a mile. The place was cheap, apparently it had been embroiled in a big dust up between the heirs. A lot of times these people fight over stuff so long and hard that it just turns to nothing right before their eyes. I met one of them at a Los Angeles shutters place, while I was working on the previous project. Apparently he knew who I was, it seemed as though one of the people who worked there pointed me out to him. He explained the situation, although he did not come out and tell me the entire truth. It really would have been foolish for him to have come out and told me that he and his brother in law had argued over this place for so long that the place had gone sour on them and the bank was about to foreclose.

It did not take me all that long to figure this out. I went by the place and there was this old guy next door. He thought the story was totally hilarious, although he wanted to get the house occupied. You do not want to live next to an empty house of course, because that attracts all sorts of bad things. You end up with drug addicts and homeless people and teenagers all using it to do stuff that you do not want them to do. He told me the whole story, apparently this has been going on for more than a year and a half. They apparently had a decent offer for the place all along, but were too greedy to take it.