I only bought this house because of the convenience and the price. It is three doors down from my place and it is big enough for my family to grow a bit more in. The reason I could afford is that no one had taken care of it for a couple of years. In fact some guy had gone up there in the middle of the night and stolen the plantation shutters off the sides of the houses. No one probably noticed it for a good while as the house sits back off the road and you can not see the sides of it unless you walk around and stand right there. It seems like an odd thing to do, but I guess that they needed four sets of shutters just like those for their own project. I guess they may have planned to have stolen the ones off the front and never got around to it or something.

Apparently some of the local kids have been using the house to have little parties. There are beer cans and that sort of thing lying around in the back and someone left a sleeping bag in there. It is pretty obvious what they were using that for I guess and I have a pretty good idea of which kids it was, but I am not going to dust for fingerprints. It was not my house and they did not do any real damage. It looks as though they were able to get in and out with no real force. I looked at the doors and realized that the one on the side was not going to keep anyone out who wanted in. You could use the credit card trick on it if you wanted to, or just force it open by turning hard.